My REAL fear of turning 40 & more…

“Oh, my skin is sagging!”

“I am not as attractive anymore” 

“I am gonna stay old, alone and miserable”

And the list goes on, oh those nasty inner mean girl!

That has been my inner thoughts in the past few months as I started to worry about turning 40

But, you know what, as I worked through my shadows, I discovered something else

I am reminded of a vision that I once saw during a healing session. I saw myself doing sacred feminine work in my 40s.

This is the woman I saw….

She exudes the aura of a living Goddess

She is walking embodiment of Divine Love

She shines so bright that her presence alone is healing 

Yet, this is also the very woman that I am afraid of

It turns out that what I truly fear isn’t aging, but to show the world the real me!

As much as I am afraid of my own shadow, I am even more afraid of my own light

At the same time, I KNOW that the world and I deserve that woman I saw in my vision

So, here I am, celebrating and rejoicing that Inner Goddess in me, regardless of what age I am!

That’s the best thing I can do for me and others – to let my light shine ever so brightly

The next time you’re faced with your own shadow, try looking at your own light too, for they are different sides of the same coin

Just like me, you might be surprised at what you find!

Your Starseed Guide & Healer,

Elies Hadi xx


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