What I’ve learnt from 1 Year of Podcasting

Yay, It’s been exactly a year since I’ve launched “Angels Transmission Podcast” (happy dance)

What started out as a nudge to share about the Angels have turned into a podcast where I share about spirituality, starseeds awakening & more.

As I reflect back my 1 year of podcasting, I realized that I’ve grown a lot, especially in my ability to speak my truth. Not only that, I’ve also summed up 3 of my most important spiritual lessons with you here

1. Trust the Intuitive Hit

 All I was given were two words “Angels Transmission”. At that time, I didn’t know what this mean but I stayed open and curious. Then, one day it hit me loud and clear that it’s meant be a podcast.

Always trust the nudge you’ve been given, even if it’s not clear yet. Keep on trusting and follow its trail!

2. Set your own rules

The moment I decided to launch my podcast, my resistance arrived lol. The thought of having to post an episode weekly drove me nuts, until I realized that “It’s my fricking podcast, my house, my rules”

So, I set out my rules, which are NO RULES. It’s up to me on how often I want to post, it’s my podcast!

The only rule I’ve is to trust what’s given (refer to #1 again)!

3. Vulnerability is key

My most popular podcast episodes are those where I bared it all. For eg: In my recent episode “How Spiritual Bypassing Slowed Down Your Healing” , I shared how I’m using Abraham Hicks’ teaching to spiritual bypass my money story and more.

I’ve come to learn that the more raw it’s, the more relatable it’s.

Most importantly, people learnt from REAL sharing, not something from a  textbook.


Voila, there you go! I believe these lessons are applicable not just in podcasting, but in other areas of your life as well. My parting question to you is 

“Which of these 3 lesson do you resonate with?”

Lesson 1, 2 or 3? Drop them in comment below!

If you haven’t heard of my podcast yet, it’s time to check them out here!

Angels love,



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