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Watch the latest energy update, subliminal affirmation, starseed healing, light language activation and other good stuff here

 Whether it's about personal adventures, spirituality or awakening. I pour it out

It started with me sharing about my experience with Angels.It has now expanded to include topics like starseed, lightworkers & more

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- Stefanie, Australia 

“Powerful Ancestral Healing. I felt the sadness go away and feel the joy afterwards”

’- Lavender, USA

"You showed me a core wound that I never thought of as a core wound. You’ve unlocked the keys for me"

 - Kimberley Fellows

“So simple, so effective. Elies Hadi’s warm loving energy is soothing, helping me access my guidance”

- Veron Leong, Taiwan

”Friendly voice. Easy to follow visualization. Relaxed and contented at the end”


Starseed Awakening Guide

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