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She was featured in 938LIVEA�, Yoga Journal, Wellness Insider & other media.

About Elies Hadi

Elies is now living her dream life, or she calls it, livingA� her truth. For years, she has been clouded by society a�?high standarda�? of living, which directed her towards a banking career without ever knowing whether this is what she desires.

Monday Blues is an everyday thing. She felt like an empty shell with no soul.

She always thought that she had a dream job until she go deeper within herself. She travelled around the world in hope of finding answers to fulfillment in life.

It is awakening when she finally realized that what matters the most in her life is to simply be herself.A� The empty shell is now a thing of the past as she found her purpose in coaching others of similar kind.

Authentic Transcendence is then born with a mission to ignite your passion, discover your life purpose & bring out the brilliance in you. A�It is designed to potentially kickstart your breakthrough & complete a lasting transformation in you & your life.

Ever since then, she has been a coach, inspirer, speaker, writer, teacher & student herself.

Together, leta��s glow and grow!

Be the best version of you!

More about Elies Hadi


Mindfulness Teacher

Her own mindfulness experience and practice has totally transformed her life, inspiring her to share this gift further with you. She incorporates mindfulness in her talk, workshop, coaching, and daily life. It’s beyond a tool, it’s her way of living

Transformational Coach

Her gifts, wisdom, knowledge, tools and strategies that she has gained through experience and from her own coaches and mentors, are meant for greater purpose. With that in mind, she shares her lifework by empowering women to live happy and fulfilled through coaching.

She is still having her own coaches and will never stop learning from them.

Finding The Diamond Sparkle In You

Inspirational Speaker

It’s her passion to share her knowledge, experience and expertise. She is constantly invited to speak at various occasions from corporate talk to private event. She is known for her talk on “Mindfulness and Emotions”.

On a special request basis, she has also conducted talk on “Self-Love”, a topic that most of the women she work with can relate to.

Her style is experiential, dynamic, inspirational. She also leaves her audience with practical & easy action steps to incorporate in their busy lifestyle.


Who is this for? For you who resonates with these:

ALIGN your mind, heart & soul. ACTIVATE your inner power & charisma. ACHIEVE total confidence, self-esteem, inner peace and balance.
CoachingA�sessions are done one-on-one with Elies either in person or via Skype. Elies will personally coach you to bring out the brilliance in you. Over the years, she has devoted her time on coaching and learning from gurus around the world. Now, ita��s her turn to shine her light and guide youA�to a�?Be best version of youa�?; in doing so, attaining yourA�dream life.

Clarity Call (Free) In order to get a feel on whether transformationalA�coaching is for you, please schedule yourA� complimentary 15 mins consultation here.

For Corporation

The reason behind unproductive and irresponsible behaviors of employees is due to:

  • Unhappy with themselves
  • Lack of self-awareness and situational awareness
  • Lack of focus
  • Unnecessary anxiety and stress
  • Stuck mindset
  • the list goes on

Her expertise in wellness, life passion, mindfulness allows her to create customized trainingsA�and workshop that best fit your company.

If you would love to create a happy and productive company culture, feel free to consult Elies at info@elieshadi.com for customization of workshop or trainings.

Bring your companies to the next level NOW!


Elies has a wonderful calm manner and a very organised and well thought out methodology. She sets up the conversation to make it easy to participate and prompts without poking. Her manner is very kind yet firm.

She excels at drilling down to the core of the issues. I also really liked that she focusses on action steps and keeps everything on track and moving forwarda�?

Lanne Thomas – Painted with Light . Lifestyle Portraits

I was stuck in my business for 2 years, filled with doubts about myself. After my coaching call with Elies, not only that my business & finance has improved.

Ia��ve regained back my long lost self-esteem! I am now happier, more positive & confident.

Kat, Entreprenuer

I signed up for a coaching package with Elies in January early this year. Before we began our sessions, there were a couple of things that were bugging me psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The key issues I was struggling with were anxiety, negative beliefs, fears, and low self-esteem. Our first five sessions were covered over a period of 5 months and during that time, she introduced many different concepts and techniques to help me overcome these internal struggles. Be prepared to engage in quite a bit of reflection, as well as abit of homework and to be consistent with the various techniques taught .

At the beginning of the year, and for the longest time in my life, I’ve often felt weighed down by lots of negative thinking and anxiety. That has prevented me from pursuing many goals and from However, with Elies as my coach, I gradually let go of these feelings. Right now, six months later, I’m a very different person today. I’m much happier, lighter, free-er, calmer and I seldom take the negative route when thinking about a goal.

Thank you Elies!! You’ve marked a turning point in my life 😀 “

Sara, researcher

I’ve been struggling to get my business rolling forA�the last couple of years and I have had problems pin-pointing what it was exactly what was holding me back,A� the blocks & obstacles.A� I’ve tried all sorts of things and it didn’t work, until I met EliesA�two days ago. I can’t even though believe whatA�came out of our session.

She knew exactly what questions to ask. She was very loving but very direct into the point. She pulled some information out of me that I had buried very deep and these realizations that she allowed me to access were so transformational that in the last two days, already I feel so free and I’ve seen massive shifts in my business and how I’m putting myself forward. She is absolutely incredible.

I just wanna say thank you, Elies! For anybody that’s thinking of booking a session with her, please do! She’s wonderful!

Gina Law, Soul Coach

As a couple, we sometimes spend time 2 of us only. But actually we need more quality not only sit and eat as 2 person. We don’t talk much about feelings. Most of our topics about work n kids.

After learn from Heart 2 Heart workshop. I realised by asking simple question and do some practice we can get the attention that we want and fell loved, whitin 10mins. We can get quality conversation and feeling loved.

Yuliana Koh, Serial Entrepreneur