Hey there, brave soul! I’m SO thrilled for your soul journey

The thing is…while the spiritual awakening journey is a rewarding one,
it can gets realy bumpy at times, doesn't it?

Hey there,
I am Elies,
Your Starseed Guide & healer

I am here to help starseeds & lightworkers,
like you, to step into your Divine mission.

I do this through Angel Healing, Light Language, Intuitive CHANNELING, Soul Crystalline™ Coaching and more. 

Having both corporate exposure and spiritual training, I know how to make magical works in your practical life.

I am blessed enough to have an abundance of support in my journey, whether it’s through sisterhood, healers community , or even spiritual mentors.

It just makes it less lonely, less painful and less confusing.  It’s for this very reason that leads me why I do what I do today.

I'm here to be your guiding light, so you can walk your path with ease and clarity!

I can't wait to see how our journey unfolds, right here, right now, are you ready?



I love a slooowww morning...It's a non-negotiable for me


I'm a Vegan & I love a lot of “me-time” but I also love people, irony of life….

I'm a big nature lover! I recently hiked the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia and it’s worth the 3 days spent with Mama Mountain!

 I left behind everything to move to Bali and stay there for a great 3 years or so before moving back home!




My healing & awakening journey...


I was a total seminar junkie! From personal development to business to spiritual events, you’d find me there, desperately searching for “answers”...



I finally hit my “enough is enough point” where I quit my banking job in Singapore. I traveled the world in the name of “eat, pray, love”, my version

I’ve received my Grand Master Certification for Angel Healing. I also activated my Light Language in the same year. 

 I moved to Bali for 3 years where I experienced an accelerated awakening journey, starting from sexual awakening, divine feminine rising, 5d activation and many more

I left Bali and came back to my hometown in Batam Island, Indonesia. I’ve decided to uplevel my business to the next “woo-level”

Ever since then, I’ve been going all woo-woo in my business, while staying grounded in sharing my practical magic with you all here


I conducted my 1st Angel Workshop and Started my Coaching Business

My true healing journey begun, after experiencing the loss of my father. I’ve been going to different healing modalities, from rebirthing to Angel healing 




2023 & now