Hear what they are saying about working with me!

"say GOODBYE to



I've finally stepped out of the "Perfectionist Mode" and stepped into the "Creative Mode"

I just created a 90 days vision plan 

Wow, what a relief! You've definitely upleveled your coaching work

Whatever you did in our session, it WORKED!

Elies has a way of knowing how to come from an unexpected perspective to help me overcome my own barriers and come away by melting what was hiding behind my conscious mind.

Being coached by Elies was a fantastic journey that helped me transform important blocks and release old fear pattern" 

I’ve finally come to get clear on my WHY and what I want to do.
I want to be a woman who's living on purpose.

Now, I’m starting to build my business that would represent me and my authenticity. 

Elies' program  taught me how to “be me”.


"Elies came to me in Divine Timing. I had begun my journey with Reiki, however I felt stagnant and could not find my line of work. I did not feel unique or able to articulate what I really wanted to offer in my business.

After a brilliant first call, Elies offered me one fo her programmes, which is exactly what I needed.

Together, we revealed a brand new programme I am going to offer!

She allowed me to delve into my skillset and encouraged me in such a way that I was able to articulate something that I had inside me but never could put into words.

It was the best investment in me, I could have made!

"I found Elies at a time in my life where I was very hard on myself, my inner dialogue was negative, and I wanted to do something with my life but was absolutely crippled by self-doubt and nothing was really working"

 I admitted to myself that I needed someone trained, professional and not related to me to show me how my troubled self-imagine was defining my existence.

There is something about Elies manner that I completely resonated with. After a small introductory session, I immediately and instinctively knew that I could un-pack my life to this woman, that there would be no judgement and that she quite simply wanted to help me. It was very encouraging.

My expectation was that we would formulate a well-oiled plan to get my business ideas off the ground. Before coaching I was quite all over the place, many ideas but not at all grounded. Elies gave me simple and in hindsight, quite strategic homework and through her coaching I turned inwards and changed course completely. Elies helped me delve deeper into my spiritual side, an area I thought I was relatively well versed in, and in doing this this is where I found my heart led passion of becoming a Kids Yoga instructor, rather than the head lead money driven idea’s that were not coming to fruition.   

Today I am the Owner and Teacher of The Moon Room Mobile Kids Yoga Studio.I absolutely love my job, and am inspired daily to grow more within this role and keep adding to my offering. But most of all, I return to being kind and forgiving to myself and my eye is no longer only on the end goal, but rather on the journey and remaining present.

I work every day to acknowledge my own power and am extremely grateful for my blessed existence, and extremely grateful to Elies, who helped me be me. 


Madeline Astraia- Website Designer &
Women Wisdom Guide

Valerie Bottazzi, Spiritual Teacher

Gedlin Frelin, Social Media Expert & Coach 

Rebecca Farley, Crystal Wise Reiki

Erica Deegan, Owner of Moon Room Kids
Yoga Studio

"Powerful Ancestral Healing! I could feel the sadness melts away and feel the joy afterwards!"

Stefanie, Australia

- Stefanie, Australia 

“Powerful Ancestral Healing. I felt the sadness go away and feel the joy afterwards”

’- Lavender, USA

"You showed me a core wound that I never thought of as a core wound. You’ve unlocked the keys for me"

 - Kimberley Fellows

“So simple, so effective. Elies Hadi’s warm loving energy is soothing, helping me access my guidance”

- Veron Leong, Taiwan

”Friendly voice. Easy to follow visualization. Relaxed and contented at the end”