3 Ways to Activate Your Throat Chakra

If you ever want to start speaking light language, start with throat chakra healing

You might be a great channeller, intuitive, or healer, but if your throat chakra isn’t fully activated, then you might find yourself barely able to hum any sound, let alone speak it 

I’m speaking from personal experience of working on my own throat chakra healing as well as that of my clients

When you join my upcoming light language workshop, I’ll guide you through throat chakra activation, followed by a light language practice session

To help you prepare for your light language activation, here are 3 of ways you can start activating your throat chakra

1. Mantra Chanting

Whether you start with a simple 15 mins of “OM” chanting or a full hour Kundalini Mantra Chanting, just start somewhere.

2. Join a Kirtan or Singing Circle

If you love to sing, like I do, kirtan is a great way to sing along high vibrational songs while opening up your throat (and heart) chakra!

3. Make any sound

Simply spend time making ANY sound, whether it’s vowel sound, or “OM” sound, or even sound of your cat. Just make a sound, this is a great practice to trust your voice 

Now, which one of these 3 would you start practicing today?


If you feel called to take it a notch up and jump right in, check out my light language workshop!

Not only that you’ll learn more about light language, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore speaking it in this 2 hours magical workshop! Save your experience here

Your Starseed Guide & Healer,

Elies x


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