3 Phases of Starseed Awakening Journey

Are you constantly searching for the higher purpose in life? Perhaps, you’re wondering why you’re here and what’s the meaning of life

Then, you might be on your starseed awakening journey, my love

Before I continue, if you’re not sure on whether you’re a starseed, check out “How to know if you’re starseed” here


It is a process of soul remembrance. It’s the time of your life where you start to remember who you are, why you’re here on Earth and what you’re meant to be doing

From my experience working with thousands of starseed, I’ve noticed that there are 3 main phases of starseed awakening.

It’s important to note that…

This is not a “try to fit into a box” process here. 

You might find yourself experiencing 2-3 phases of starseed awakening journey at the same time. 

The phases here serves as guideline to help you understand where you’re at in your journey and what’s important for you at this time.

That’s all. It doesn’t make one phase better than the other.

Depending on where you’re at in your journey, you can check out the available resources for you in the description below. Ready?


1. Healing Phase

You’re going through an important time of your life, a deep personal healing and soul growth’s journey. 

You start to question your life’s decision, wondering about your life’s direction and really curious about your life purpose. Sounds familiar?

This is the phase where you’re exploring different healing modalities in order to heal yourself.

It can be anything like divine feminine healing, ancestral healing, starseed healing and more. 

Check out “Starseed Healing Circle” here

2. Activation Phase 

You’ve done the deep healing journey and you’re now looking for a “spiritual upgrade”, if you may. It doesn’t mean you stop healing, but this isn’t your main focus right now

Your main focus is to receive support in your ascension journey. 

You’re more called towards energy work such as light body activation, DNA upgrade, timeline shift, and more. 

Check out “Starseed Activation Course” here

3.  Visionary Phase:

You’re ready, or, almost ready! 

This is the time where you’re focused on bringing your vision into life.

Whether it’s to create new offerings, pivot your business, or simply clarify your vision, you’re at a phase where you’re ready to step into service and share your gifts to the world. 

Just because the world needs your magic. 

Check out “Starseed Visionary” here


Now, I’m curious to know, which phase are you in?

Healing? Activation? Or Visionary? Or more than one of them?

Drop them down in comment below

Regardless of which phase you’re at, I’ve something for you here

If you’ve questions, feel free to drop them in the comment below.

I’d be happy to connect and help. Till the next time.

Your Starseed Guide, Healer and Mentor,

Elies x 


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