7 Signs That You Are a Starseed

Ever wonder if you’re a starseed? Check out these signs to find out

But first, let’s start with….


Starseeds are old souls who have lived their previous lives on another planet other than Earth. They reincarnated into Earth this lifetime to fulfill their very own unique mission, whatever that may be.


1. You often feel like “you don’t belong here” 

Do you find yourself feeling “out of place”? You simply feel you’re different from others. This makes it challenging for you to fit into the society as you just feel like you don’t belong

2. You are searching for your soul family

No matter who you are with, or where you are, you still find yourself feeling “empty”. You’re searching hard for a community to belong to. You’ve a deep sense of longing for home that you can’t quite explain

3. You are attracted to astronomy and astrology

You are naturally drawn and feel a deep connection with the stars. You might even be those who are the first one to be checking out the latest cosmic energy update, is that you?

4. You are deeply empathetic 

You tend to absorb other people’s thoughts and feelings. This makes you want to avoid being in big crowd!

5. You are highly intuitive

You just “know it”. Sometimes, you might even know what the other person is thinking or going to say!

6. You know you’re meant for higher purpose

You are constantly seeking out for meaning in life, purpose ,who you are, etc. You know you’re here meant for more. You’re aware that you’re here  to fulfill your Divine mission, even if you might not know exactly what it’s

7. You’ve a desire to be of service

You find yourself being drawn to reach out to those in need, whether it’s a person, the ocean, or the animals and more.


If you resonate with at least 4/7 of these signs, chances are, you might be a starseed.  If that’s you, I invite you to watch “Healing Your Starseed Wounds” where you’ll learn what are starseed wounds, how to know if you carry them, and most importantly, how you can heal these wounds!

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