What is Spiritual Bypassing & How It Slows Down Your Healing?


It basically means you are avoiding or ignoring an issue at hand in the name of spirituality. It comes in many different forms and it manifests differently for everybody 


1. You tend to be overly positive

If you’re someone who has a positive outlook in life, that’s amazing. But I’m talking about extreme case of overly positive that becomes disempowering

For eg:  If someone is inside a house that is burning down in fire, but instead of trying to call for a fire truck, she simply goes “Oh, everything is gonna be okay” 

Well, that is called avoiding the situation rather than being positive. 

2. You try to feel good all the time

You’re essentially trying to avoid unpleasant  emotions or what people call negative emotions. The truth is there is no negative emotions. They are simple emotions that feel less comfortable. If you find yourself trying to feel good all of the time, that is another  example of spiritual bypassing. 

3.  You live in your own bubble

You’re living in this bubble of a perfect world because you’re trying so hard to control other elements. You’re pushing away all negativity, because everything needs to be positive. So, you’d rather live in your own perfect world, rather than living in the outside reality.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re overly positive, trying to feel good or living in a bubble,  the #1 reason people spiritually bypass is because it’s hard to face the emotions, especially those that are unpleasant, such as fear, anxiety, worry, doubts, etc.

In the end, what you’re avoiding is life itself by not allowing yourself to see, hear, feel and be where you are, right here right now.


I’ll share my personal example here.

I’m a big fan of Abraham Hicks, who is the leading teacher of Law of Attraction. In the name of Law of Attraction,  I avoided all negative emotions because I attract what I focus on. 

Based on this concept, I only allow positive things and only allow myself to feel good all of the time. Now, this is not what the Law of Attraction is truly about. 

It’s just my way of using it as an excuse to spiritual bypass: to ignore these unpleasant emotions that I have and just pretend nothing is happening. 

This is especially true in my relationship with money. I try to feel good about money by avoiding the topic altogether.

I avoided conversation about money.

I avoided looking at my bank account.

I avoided looking at my numbers. 

Why? Because I don’t feel good about money!

So, I avoided it, so I could “feel good” all the time. Do you see the pattern now?

The next thing I know, my bank account is in the negative and I found myself in debt. 

I was like…”What happened? I thought I did the work!”

Well, I didn’t really do the work. I was only using spirituality to pump myself up while avoiding the real root cause behind my money woes.

Behind this money story, there’s a part of me that says

I’m not good enough. 
I’m not worthy enough
I don’t deserve to be rich, etc

This often stems from unresolved father’s and mothers’ wound or even past life traumas. 

One day, it became really clear to me how my spiritual bypassing behavior is the reason why I was stuck!

By avoiding to look at my money story, I’ve deprived myself the opportunity to heal my divine masculine and feminine, resulting in the financial mess that I’ve created for myself.


It is only when I started to really dive deep into the divine feminine healing, the divine masculine healing and eventually the relationship healing with Divine, that I finally realize why it’s important to “FEEL IT TO HEAL IT” 

It’s only when I started to feel, honor and own my feelings that I broke free from this cycle of spiritual bypassing. 

Not only do I feel really good about looking at my money right now,  I also love , accept and honor myself wholeheartedly. There is a deep sense of coming home into Divine Union

This is an amazing space to be in and you can be in that space too. 


The next time you catch yourself wanting to avoid an emotion, simply acknowledge it and allow yourself to feel it, even for a few seconds.

Just because, you cannot heal what you don’t acknowledge. 

You don’t have  to do this on your own, my love.

You can gather with other women in a healing circle, or enroll into one-on-one mentorship to receive the guidance you desire.

Whether you do it on your own or with others, the 1st step is to start feeling it, so you can heal it.

The best way out is through, my loves! 

P.S: Ready to feel it to heal it? Check out our latest Healing Circle here

Your Starseed Guide, Healer and Mentor,

Elies x 


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