2023 is my biggest healing year and here’s why!

I never expect 2023 to be my biggest year, at least not in this way! 

As some of you might know, I came back to my hometown, Batam Island, in Indonesia in late 2022.  It’s really a very boring town with nothing much going on, hence why I left home at 13 years old!

After being away for 24 years, it’s not the easiest feat trying to settle down. My mind was constantly finding fault with everything, and yet my soul knows that I was being called home for a reason. 

So..I stayed on for a year now, and it turned out to be my biggest year for me, personally

Besides the rebranding of my business, the next biggest thing is my Divine Feminine healing journey.

Living in the same house as my mom is like a 365 day of trauma release + ancestral healing + womb activation, all at the same time! 

The thing is I’ve always had a pretty solid relationship with my mom, but staying together, oh boy, that’s another story altogether

Initially, I found myself being triggered easily by my mom over the smallest things. Essentially what it was is just me rejecting her love. 

After facing it to heal it, I found myself, a year later today, being at complete ease with my mom. 

Together, we’ve consciously and unconsciously opened our heart, soften our body and deepen our love for each other

What truly happened here is that I finally accept my mom for who she is, which means, I finally accept myself for who I am

No longer am I denying my inner mother

No longer am I resisting my inner feminine

No longer am I rejecting my inner lover 

I’ve come into a deep anchoring into love in a way that brings peace to all parts of me.

I’m so glad that I’ve listened to my nudges to come home, despite my initial resistance.

Indeed, my soul knows, she always does and like always, she has led me right where I need to be

Coming home has helped me root down down deep into Gaia while allowing to awaken my inner Starseed Goddess, like I’ve never before

This is truly what makes this year my biggest year and I’m so grateful and thankful for that

I totally can’t wait for what the Universe has for me next year!

Hint: You’ll definitely be seeing more Goddess Journey from me next year, stay tuned! 😛

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