7 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

So, wth is spiritual awakening? This is such a buzz word in the spiritual community where it’s often overly dramaticised.

I’m not saying that the awakening process is all unicorns and rainbows. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s just that, there is no need to be caught in spiritual drama, as it ends up taking away your power.

What you can do instead is to learn more about spiritual awakening, so you can equip yourself with the relevant resources, make sense? Let’s start with…..


It is the process of the death of the ego and the emergence of the soul

It’s the time of your life where you start to remember who you are, why you’re here on Earth and what you’re meant to be doing

It’s when you let go of the illusion of the ego and return to the Spirit within you

You might then wonder…how do you know if you’re going through spiritual awakening?

Let’s look at the common signs below


1. You’ve gone through the dark night of the soul

It isn’t necessarily a singular event of your life. It often is a build-up of events. That said, there usually is at least one, or even 2-3 major events that you can call “dark night of the soul”

As the name suggests, it’s one of the darkest moments of your life where you’ve experienced pain, suffering, disappointment of some sort. It could be a loss of loved ones, burning out at work, a sudden dis-ease, or something similar.

The idea here is that these events cracks your heart open, so that you’ve not much choice left but to start surrendering, and even trusting the Divine

2. You’re drawn to spiritual teaching, knowledge or wisdom

You find yourself hanging out more in spiritual events, whether it’s for a women’s circle, healing session or 6 weeks long program. You can’t wait to learn and experience more about spirituality on all levels

3. You’re constantly searching for higher purpose in life

You know you’re meant for more and that you’re here on a purpose. You might not be exactly clear on what it is yet, but you know there gotta be more than what meets the eyes.

4. You’re becoming more and more sensitive to energy 

You start to notice the presence of light entity, such as your Angels, Spirit Animal, and so on. You might start seeing glimpse of light, hear buzzing noise in your ear, or feel tingling in your skin, etc. All your senses are being awakened and you’re becoming more sensitive to energy around you. 

This is the time when grounding, cleansing and protection can be helpful. Check out how here

5. You experience heightened physical symptoms 

As you become more sensitive, you might start to experience symptoms such as fatigue, headache, tingles in 3rd eyes, purging such as coughing or more. This is especially heightened when there is a cosmic shift such as Lion’s Gate Portal and so on. 

6. You start to see things differently 

You may notice that you’ve become a different person, without even trying. You start to care more about the environment, have more love towards yourself and others and most importantly, you start to see things from the eyes of Source

7. You  desire oneness

At the end of it, you realize truly that there is no separation, except the one that the ego makes up. You start to see Divinity in everything and everyone, as you understand that all of us belong to the same Source energy.

Which one of these 7 signs are you experiencing? Drop them down below! 


Remember this….you are not alone on this journey, lovely

You deserve to be held, loved and supported by your soul family. 

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See you soon, lovely!

Angels love, Elies x


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