Your Starseed Guide for October : Mary Magdalene & Her Rose Ally

Some call her whore and other names that doesn’t do her justice 😔

It’s only later on that she was finally acknowledged as a Saint, as though she needed permission 🤷‍♀️ 

(She doesn’t, neither do you!) 

This long-haul history of having to seek approval from the patriarchal society has been passed on from generation to generation and still exists today 

It’s this very suppression of the sacred feminine that causes a lot of starseeds to stay hidden 

Just like her, you too, might have found yourself being ridiculed in your life 

You might have had someone laughing at your dreams, or criticizing your work, or putting down your worth 

This might be why you’re afraid to step up into your Sacred Feminine Leadership and Mary Magdalene is a great guide to support you with that 💫

Her presence melts away the boundary to love 💕 while her rose ally awakens that raw feminine energy in you 🌹

Coming into your Sacred Feminine, you find yourself owning your worth, in a gentle yet unapologetic way 🔥

She’s awakening this part of you that says…


For this very reason, I’ve decided to bring in Mary Magdalene and her Rose Ally as our guide for this month’s Starseed Gathering 🤩

It’s aligned with our theme for 10.10 portal where we talk about being of service, embodying your sacred feminine and awakening your starseed visionary self 💫💕

Come and experience this magic for yourself, starseed!

Oh, did I mention that this event is FREE for now?

Grab your free access and journey with Magdalene here

Your Starseed Guide & Healer,

Elies x


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