Today, you’ll learn all you need to know about starseed wounds, starting with….


It is traumas as a result of feeling of absence of love from the star family. Just like how we inherit Mother/Father Wounds from our Earth parents, we also inherit starseed wounds from our star family.

There are a lot of ways that starseed wounds might manifest in your life, but for today, let’s look at…


1. You’re afraid to speak up

There’s nothing more painful than the fear of being rejected. That constant need for belonging means people-pleasing, even if it means you have to shut the f*up. The next thing you know, you’ve learnt to suppress your own voice and your heart’s desire.

2. You constantly question your own worth 

You might find yourself falling for the common trap where you start associating your worth to your work where you think…

“Until I do big things or achieve big goals, I am not worth it”

Of course, thats not true at all.

Remember this, , Your work is NOT equal your worth

3. You deny your own power and magic

“Who am I to be seen, to be heard, and to speak up?” 

Sounds familiar? Next thing you know…you find yourself denying your very own power and stop yourself from sharing your gifts to this world. 

How many of these wounds do you resonate with, ? 1, 2, or 3? 


If you relate to any of this starseed wounds, this is your invitation for you to make a new choice today.

You’ve a choice to heal these starseed wounds, so you no longer have to carry them with you.

From my experience of working with thousand of students, the #1 block that’s stopping anyone from reaching their goals is “UNHEALED WOUNDS”

Until you heal your wound, it keeps coming back to you in one form or another, in a never-ending loop of frustration of some sort

I’ve had my fair share of those anger, frustration and pain of playing small, staying hidden and living an unfulfilled life

This is why I’ve created “Starseed Healing Circle” to help you in your journey, so you can finally set yourself free

It’s time for you to speak up and rise up to your power,

I’ve 5 spots available for free 30 mins “Starseed Healing Call” to answer any questions you have about the circle or more. 

Gift yourself the opportunity to discover what’s available for you. Schedule your call here

Don’t deny yourself of your own magic,  

You deserve better, way better

Your Starseed Guide & Healer,

Elies x


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