Angel numbers and its meaning

You woke up in the middle of the night and your clock shows “1:11am”

You went for grocery shopping and your receipt shows  “$4.44”

You were on a road and saw a car plate that shows “888”

And the list goes on….Sounds familiar? 

It used to drive me crazy trying to figure out these Angel numbers and its meaning.

So, I thought I’d write them down for you here.

Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Are you ready to learn more about the meaning of these Angels number?


“You’re on the right track” 

You’re being assured that everything is working out for you.  You’re exactly at where you are. Your life is unfolding perfectly. All is well


“Keep your faith”

As you release your doubt and worry, you are making space for miracles and blessings. Let go of control and keep your faith high. Allow good things to come to you.


“You are in alignment”

Your mind, body, heart and soul are aligned. You are manifesting rapidly now. Focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. 


“It’s DONE”

Your wishes are fulfilled. Get out of your own way. The key is to let go of overthinking. Open up your heart for the miracles to flow in. This is already DONE.


“Big changes are coming”

You are in a season of transformation. Even if things feel a bit uncertain, know that it’s for your own good. Everything has its purpose. Get ready to celebrate your new life!


“Things are coming full circle”

You are coming into an end of a cycle and entering a new cycle of life. Allow yourself the time and space to simply BE. This is a time of heightened awareness and rapid transformation. Be assured that you’re being guided at all times.


“Lady luck is with you”

It’s a sign that doors are opening, opportunities are knocking and love are pouring in. Everything you touch turns to gold. Embrace your Midas Touch and pursue your dreams fearlessly and unapologetically.


“Abundance, prosperity and fortune is here”

You deserve all the abundance, prosperity and fortune that are here for you. Shift your focus from “absence to presence”. Focus on the abundance that’s already here for you and you’ll find more abundance coming your way.


“Eternal blessings”

You are one with the Divine. You are loved, guided and protected. Remember that you are an expression of Divine love. Keep on shining your light and spread your love to the world. What you give, returns back to you. 


“New Beginning”

When the midnight clock strikes 00:00, it signifies the beginning of a new day. Similarly, this Angel number marks a new beginning for you as well. This is the golden time to plant your seed and to nurture your dreams. 



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