Stepping into your Divine Mission

Ever seen a mission statement like this one?

“My mission is to empower 1 million people by 2050” and so on

Sounds familiar? 😂

In my decades of self-healing journey, not even once have I resonated with such mission statements 

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I used to think it’s because of my lack of clarity

It’s only when I dive deep into my soul that I recognize that this isn’t the case ✨

The reason I didn’t resonate with such statements is because I am not driven by numbers, that’s all. It’s simply not part of my soul blueprint  😲

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to have clarity with numbers, it gives you a sense of where you’re heading and where you’re at.

But, with all of my love, how do we even track these numbers?

Is it based on the number of Youtube Views? Followers? Clients? Or what…

I’m pretty sure everyone has a different way of tracking these and they are all great, but I just couldn’t care less 😛

It doesn’t mean I’m not here to make an impact though

It’s just that I believe that the impact that you and I make in life goes beyond those numbers

We make an impact EVERYDAY, like it or not 🎇

It doesn’t even have to be about our work

As you walk down the grocery store, whether you smile or curse at someone, you’re making either a loving or non-loving impact on someone else.

How do one even track these numbers then?

This is why I don’t resonate with the typical bro-marketing mission statement

Yet, I didn’t really have an answer to this “big question” until recently 

The dream was so vivid that I still remember how it made me FEEL ❤️‍

I dreamt that I was hosting a Starseed Gathering as I witnessed a massive influx of golden light pouring through everyone who’s present in the gathering 🌟

As I held space for everyone, I clearly saw each of us being healed, activated and upgraded on all levels 

I was reminded that I am a conduit of Divine light and  I’ve never been clearer about my mission ever since then 😃 I know I am here to become a beacon of light for starseeds who are on their spiritual journey 🌟

Everything I’ve created, whether it’s a blogpost, healing circle, or even 1-1 program, it’s created to support starseed on their awakening journey.

This is how my new starseed legacy is built upon and I can’t wait to share my magic with you ✨

If you’ve been wondering what your Divine mission is, it’s time to get clear on that, so you can finally fine-tune your message, amplify your impact and share your gifts with the world 🔥

Just because, the world needs your gifts, my dearest starseed 

Are you ready to step into your Divine mission?

Check out my latest “Starseed Visionary” to help you exactly with that!


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