9/9 PORTAL: Energy Update ” Divine timing vs Your Timing”

Ever since I was young, I tend to be impatient 

While I’ve changed significantly over the years, this old habit still come up from time to time

I was particularly nit-picking around timing, especially when it came to manifestation process

What I’ve learnt is that whenever I feel impatient, it’s simply my fear acting up 

It’s that inner mean girl that’s saying

These thoughts are the driving force behind the impatient feeling

“You are not good enough”

“You are not gonna make it this time”

“You are gonna fail again”

It boils down to the lack of confidence in self, in Universe, and in timing of the Universe 

It’s common to feel this way, especially when we are obsessed with the external results 

But, if you take a step back, and look at it, from a wider point of view, you might start to see things differently

Oftentimes, things might not make sense for your logical mind, right now. However, when you look back and connect the dots, you found it all makes sense, after all.


Take some time today to reflect back on your life and find a moment where you’re glad that things didn’t happen according to your timing!

P.S: You also listen to this month’s Light Language w/ Mother Mary Transmission on my Youtube Video starts on minute 03:00 here

Your Starseed Guide & Healer,

Elies x


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